Challenge others to live their best life. 

We help businesses and organizations design, promote, and execute effective mobile health challenges.



Achievement Happens Everywhere. 

At the heart of a challenge is the moment in which someone's intention to be healthier is put into action. Each of these moments is an achievement. 

With MakeMe, your teams can easily capture and share the smallest and the largest moments of achievement. This sustains motivation and reinforces that all progress is real progress.

Action lists in the Challenge make it easy to remember what to do and are fully configurable.    


Private Teams. Social Motivation.

Staying motivated is hard to do alone. That’s why MakeMe Challenges are built on the power of team. 

We’ve learned that sharing moments of achievement and getting encouragement from one another increases our ability to succeed.

With MakeMe, your teams are not in it alone, They're in it together.


Challenge Analytics. Actionable Data Drives Results. 

As a coach or coaching organization, knowing how your clients are performing in a program is essential. With a MakeMe Challenge, you'll get access to web-based coaching analytics that help you identify high and low performers across your challenge teams.

Use analytics to intervene when clients need help the most or to celebrate when they're performing at peak. Leverage data more easily than ever before to deliver your coaching value.

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Your app is amazing. Not only do I see results but I feel like there are others who are there for me and facing and overcoming the same things I am.
— Sarah P. • MakeMe® user from Seattle, WA

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