learn the art of Meaningful conversations

Ziksana Meaningful Conversation Challenge with Akshay Sateesh 

Action Plan

In our kickoff webinar, we discussed the following 5-Step Framework for Meaningful Conversations:

  1. Connect
  2. Encourage
  3. Explore
  4. Agree
  5. Apply

In this Challenge, you'll "Make it" 3 times this week. Here's how:

To "Make it" in the Challenge, set up 3 conversations with 3 different peers at work with whom you're collaborating. During the conversation, follow the 5-Step Framework, being attentive to touch - even if briefly - on each step (see below for specific ideas on doing that in each step).

When you post your "Make" to the Challenge, reflect on successes and problems you encountered and what skill(s) you applied in the conversation. 

Here are skills you can apply for each of the 5-Steps:

Connect -- Skills to Apply:

  • Be present. Stop what you're doing. Put away your phone.
  • Connect with each other personally (Ask questions about weekend, family, etc.)
  • Connect with each other professionally (Gauge how they are feeling today. Are they overwhelmed, upbeat, etc.?)
  • Clarify and align on the purpose of your meeting.

Encourage -- Skills to Apply:

  • Invite honesty into the conversation, give them the courage to say what is on their mind.
  • Encourage them by saying "Tell me more"  and to share thoughts and feelings.
  • Suspend judgment by being curious

Explore -- Skills to Apply:

  • Appreciate new ways of thinking and understand the other person's perspective.
  • Give them praise and thanks for sharing their ideas and exploring them with you.
  • Explore and discuss new ideas. Using the skill of "Yes, and" to help build on ideas.

Agree -- Skills to Apply

  • Agree with them on who's doing what (roles) and deadlines for the "next steps".
  • Agree on the best path forward to serve the project and agree to meet again for another "check in" conversation.

Apply -- Skills to Apply: 

  • Think and share with other person "How did this conversation go?" and apply it to your project.
    • Were new ideas discovered that may change the way you work on this project?
    • Was there clarification that needed to happen to help you adjust your communication style?


Follow along this action plan and make it at least 3 times this week.

Can't make it happen? Own Up by posting a selfie with a reflection on what difficulties you faced. 


Support each other by leaving bumps and replies for your teammates as you make progress. 


Feel free to leave comments for your host and teammates in the app with any questions, thoughts, etc. 

TEAMS & Organizations

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You'll be able start your own private group to track daily progress, support each other and achieve goals together!