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You can raise membership and training revenue by putting on a health challenge. We make it simple.

Nothing sells better than results.



By focusing on positive habits instead of negative attributes, MakeMe challenges see a high participation from all kind of people--from very unhealthy to extremely fit. Everyone wants to live a better life and be part of a great team.



A health challenge makes it easy for members to invite nonmembers. It is much easier for members to say “Come join my team!” than it is to say “Come join my gym.”



A health challenge for a gym is simply a longer, more nurturing sales cycle. But instead of having to give away services, people will pay to experience your club.


We do the hard work for you. 

A health challenge can boost your training revenue when tours and sales are slow. But only if you don’t waste time and resources trying to do everything on your own. Our intuitive app and Multi-Action Prove It Framework gives trainers a tool they can use to connect with clients, encourage teamwork, and produce results clients will tell others about. We track every activity clients log and give you instantly updated team and individual leaderboards. 


simple activity lists

In the MakeMe® app, clients can easily see the activities they need to log in the Challenge. Clients simply tap the activity to prove they did the activity using photos, text, questionnaires, QR Codes, or counters.


team activity sharing

When a client logs an actiitivyt it's posted to their team for connection and support from peers and trainers. Sometimes, a little friendly peer pressure is just what's needed to keep everyone on track for real results.



Activity for each participant is logged instantly enabling everyone to see how they're doing and what they have left to complete the Challenge. We collect this data into team and individual leaderboards so you don't have to do any calculations. Goodbye excel spreadsheets! Hello client results! 

The MakeMe® app helps us run monthly group training Challenges. We also use it for our flagship Zults War™ challenge a few times a year. Our trainers love it because it makes running a challenge a lot easier and our members love it because it helps them stay on track to get results.
— John Miller • President • Courthouse Fitness, Salem, OR

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