Here are some of the most common questions we’ve heard from MakeMe players. If you don’t see the answer you need below, reach out to us at help@make.me or @playmakeme on Twitter. Also, check out our video on "How to Play MakeMe."

MakeMe Basics

How do I pick my action?

The best actions are things that you really want to do but have a hard time finding time to do. Think "reading for pleasure" as opposed to "filing TPS reports in triplicate". Actions you can do a few times a week are more fun, especially if you can add a photo of yourself doing it to share with your team!

Who should I pick to be on my team?

Play with your favorite people. Yes, you'll be making it happen in MakeMe but just as importantly, playing is a great way to be closer with people you care about and have the most fun with.

How do I edit my game?

You can edit your game by tapping on your picture at the top of the MakeMe game stream. You'll only be able to edit your game before you make your first move in the game.

What does Game Start mean, and what happens when the game starts?

Game Start is the first day of a MakeMe game. From this first day until the last day of the game, you and each of the players on your team have to make a move everyday to avoid having to do your consequence.

Is MakeMe available on any platforms other than iPhone?

Currently, MakeMe is available for iPhone only. You can stay up to date on when we release MakeMe for other platforms by signing up here

Why do I have to Make a Move everyday, even when it's an Off Day and I'm not doing my action?

Actually making your move very day - even if your move is an Off Day - is all about keeping you in the game. Woody Allen said that 80% of success is showing up. We believe the same thing. By making your move every day you tell the group of friends on your team that you're there for them - you showed up- and you see they're there for you, too. There's magic in that, and you'll experience it when you play.

What does it mean to choose a consequence? How do I pick the right one?

Your consequence is whatever you promise to do if anyone on your team doesn't make a move before midnight and the team doesn't rescue them with a Rescue card. Pick a consequence that is safe, that you would prefer not to do, but that you can have fun with if you end up having to Own Up with your team and do it. Think "wear a tutu in public" as opposed to "give away my car".

What happens when someone doesn't make their move?

If anyone on your team doesn't make their move by midnight (their time) then anyone on the team with a Rescue card can save them (each player gets one Rescue card at the start of every MakeMe game). If no Rescue cards are left, or if nobody plays a Rescue card by midnight the following day, everyone has to Own Up and do their consequence with a photo to prove it!

How do cards work? What are they?

Cards are a big part of the fun and strategy of MakeMe. Cards help you buy time, enable special powers, and make your team stronger. You can play cards to Rescue players who have missed their move, give a player more time to make their move, or put up a Forcefield so everyone is protected that day.

How do I get cards?

Every time your move for the day is a Made It (you did your action) you get a card. Some cards are common and others are very rare. You can also buy cards in the Card Shop with points you earn in MakeMe games or with coins you buy with real money.

Can I buy all the cards?

The only card you can't buy is a Rescue card. Other than that you can buy any card.

What is a rescue card?

A Rescue card saves any player that missed their move. Rescuing players saves the team from triggering Own Up mode (having to do their consequences with a photo to prove it!).

What are coins? What are points?

Coins and points are the currencies in MakeMe. You earn points by playing games with the most points going to players who help their fellow players Make It. Coins are purchasable in the Card Shop using money.

What is Own-Up mode? What do I have to do?

Own Up mode is the game level that your team enters if someone misses their move and nobody rescues them. In Own Up mode, you have to do your consequence within 72 hours and post a photo to the game to prove it. If you Own Up, you can still win the game!

What if I don't think the game fairly put us in Own-Up mode?

Let us know at help@make.me. We'll make it up to you.

Are my friends in MakeMe on my team, or am I competing against them?

They're on your team. If any of you misses your move and isn't rescued, all of you have to Own Up and do your consequence with a photo to prove it. Your fates are intertwined! So you want to work together. However, throughout a game you have changes to earn more points than your fellow teammates by going above and beyond. A little friendly competition never hurt anybody : )

If my friend is missing their moves and messing up the game, what do I do?

There are a lot of things you can do. A few cards might come in handy. Play an Extra Reminder card on your friend and they'll hear their phone make an odd sound for the next three days at the time you select to remind them to make their move. Play a Forcefield card to protect your friend and yourself from another missed move. If their less than stellar performance continues, play a Make or Break card, which drops the friend from the game if they don't make their move that day (this is a pretty serious card, so play it with caution).

What is my Maker Score? What is impact and record?

Your MakerScore is a a collection of statistics on how you're doing in the game. We don't do leader boards or anything like that, so you be the judge of your performance. Your Impact is a measure of your influence on players you play with. Higher Impact numbers reflect a greater impact on the people around you.

What is my stash? How do I get cards in my stash?

Your stash is the collection of cards you can play in ANY game, as opposed to the card hands that are specific to each game. When you buy a card with points or coins they are added to your Stash.

What is the difference between lifetime points and spendable points?

Lifetime points is the total of all the points you've ever earned playing MakeMe. Spendable points are the number of points you've earned playing MakeMe minus any points you've already spent buying cards in the Card Shop.

Does the Fox love me?

Yes, the Fox loves you. Don't let that fool you though.