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ZING! CLEAN September Challenge

Welcome to the ZING! CLEAN September Challenge!

If you are here, it’s because you are ready to FUEL your body with whole, real, natural foods.  Lets make this fun TMBC’ers! We are all in this together. Day by day. Bite by bite. Sip by sip.  ZING!CLEAN = Energy for Life!

We'll be using the MakeMe app to track and share our progress and to support one another along the way. Check-in to the app each day to tell the team if you "Made It" (did the challenge activities) or if you're taking an "Off Day". You have 2 Off Days each week. The app will automatically take an Off Day for you if you have one left and haven't checked in by midnight.  

Challenge Activities

Do these 3 things and you have MADE IT for the day!

  • STOP. No Simple Carbs (Candy, soda, bread, pasta, flour). No artificial sweeteners. No alchohol.  (1-2 glasses of red wine is OKAY!…and 1-2 small pieces of dark chocolate [70-85% cocoa] is OKAY too!

  • GROW. Eat foods that come from the Earth. Veggies, fruits, grains, meats (organic, grass fed). If it was made in a factory – it’s NOT clean. If it was grown or raised on Earth – it’s probably clean.

  • SIP. Nothing grows without water. Drink 4 quarts (use your TMBC Jars!) of water each day. Infuse it for more fun!




Get the app at http://make.me and join with private code 53888.

Can't make it happen on a particular day? No problem! You get two Off Days per week.

Run out of Off Days? Just Own Up by posting your ZING!CLEAN CONFESSION. Post a picture and tell us what got you off track!…then get back on the train with us!


Support each other by leaving fist bumps and replies for your teammates as you make progress.