Health Teams November Challenge

Hosted by: Tree Greens 

I was tickling my 2 year old nieces toes the other day trying to make her laugh. I don't want to brag but . . . she didn't stand a chance.

This was my aunt and uncles first grand kid. The sad part is my uncle never got to meet his grand daughter because he ate and drank his body into the ground. Literally. 21 years ago he died from a stroke due to very poor life style choices.

We all enjoy eating and drinking yummy things but is it worth missing out of so much?

Our health is in our own hands.

Sometimes I hear people say things like . . . "he got cancer . . .”  almost like they’re saying "he got a parking ticket . . ." As in, "oh man, bad luck".

I don't think it's luck though. I think it's choices. Our actions have reactions.

We have a choice today to go down the path to better health . . . or not.

Our body has a tremendous ability to heal itself. We just need to give it a little help. We need to do our simple daily and weekly duties. Giving our bodies the nutrition and exercise it needs. So it can give us what we need. Energy and a fit frame.

We tend to forget to serve our bodies needs for some reason and that's why we need Health Teams. A fun way to take this journey together.

Ever gone sight seeing by yourself without a camera? Boring!

Yet we're expected to achieve our health goals without a team? Not anymore!

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Get ready for some more energy

Challenge Activities

  • Monday: Take your Moringa Capsules (2 or more)
  • Tuesday: Take your Moringa Capsules (2 or more) and exercise before Breakfast
  • Wednesday: Take your Moringa Capsules (2 or more)
  • Thursday: Take your Moringa Capsules (2 or more) and exercise anytime
  • Friday: Take your Moringa Capsules (2 or more)

Challenge Rewards

  • Winning team: Each team member gets a 50% off coupon for any Tree Greens™ product!
  • Second place team: Each team member gets 25% off coupon for any Tree Greens™ product!
  • Team MVP gets another 50% off coupon!




Once the Challenge starts, do the Challenge Activities.

Can't make it happen? Own Up with a selfie and tell your Health Teammates what got in your way.


Support each other by leaving bumps and replies for your teammates as you make progress. 


Feel free to leave comments for your host and teammates in the app with any questions, thoughts, etc.