Get Unstuck And Take Control Of Your Career!

The Work Week Challenge by Quianna Rodriguez (On Point Career Solutions)


How would you like to...

  • Wake up without dreading the day ahead?
  • Have effective communication with your counterparts and managers?
  • Get compensated for all the additional work you do?
  • Go on those family vacations that you have been putting off for years?
  • Have better control of your time?


In this powerful group challenge you will discover:

  • How to shift your current perspective so you will gain clarity on the path that is right for you
  • How to determine what steps you'll need to take to increase confidence
  • How to turn a Positive Mindset into a lifestyle
  • How to gain the courage to change your job to a more fulfilling career path
  • How to gain freedom from feeling overwhelmed and stressed at work
  • How to deal with toxic work environments
  • How to define your own success


Meet our host Quianna Rodriguez and get more details about the challenge, and learn the benefits of joining a group challenge on MakeMe.

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About The Host

Quianna Rodriguez is the Founder of On Point Career Solutions. As a Certified Career Coach, Life Coach, and Group Coach, Quianna has consistently been able to help clients unleash the answers that lies within. She believes that everything begins with first believing in yourself, planning with perspective, taking action with vision, and achieving success with persistence. Quianna designed her entire business around this belief by creating techniques that helps her clients design their own personalized action plan to obtain success in their life and career.
With over 15 years of combined work experience in Technical Writing, Information Technology, and Education & Training, she remains committed to providing unparalleled service and performance that demands lifelong breakthroughs. Quianna continues to educate and train others by providing corporate seminars and workshops at companies such as TIAA-CREF and is currently a Resume Writing/Interview Preparation Instructor at the Carolina School of Broadcasting in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Work Week Challenge by Quianna Rodriguez (On Point Career Solutions)
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