Build Your Own Brand (BYOB) Challenge 

Welcome to the BYOB Challenge! The Challenge runs for 3 weeks. Post 3 actions per week from the Action Plan below to reach the Winner's Circle and be eligible for great rewards. Actions are designed to grow your personal brand inside and outside PwC.


  • Accompany a manager or partner to a client meeting regarding new work.
  • Add a contact in LinkedIn from a client or a target.
  • Attend a work social function.
  • Call two targets to understand needs and to identify potential opportunities.
  • Connect with a Partner over coffee to discuss business development or learn about a Firm service.
  • Develop working relationships with people outside your team (going for coffee, shadowing another Team meeting with a client, etc.)
  • Introduce a Firm colleague to a new or existing contact.
  • Nominate a team or individual for the CEO Award.
  • Participate in a team win for an existing or new client.
  • Share an article on TL/LinkedIn.
  • Write/Contribute to an external article.
  • Participate in specialty targeting activities.
  • Send Firm literature to an existing client or target and followed up with a phone call.

HOW TO win

Once the Challenge starts, post 3 actions per week from the Action Plan.


Support each other by leaving bumps and replies for your teammates as you make progress.