tl;dr: code, debug, build.

JavaScript Guild Challenge


Hi team, welcome to our MakeMe Challenge! We'll be following up from our JavaScript refresher and apply the learning around the jQuery Card Deck exercise. 

Got what it takes? Follow along with the following Action Plan with your Guild-mates.

Action Plan

Here's a breakdown of how to go about creating, using and extending the jQuery Card Deck plugin:

Display Deck of Cards

  • Create initial project structure and files
  • Create a model for a deck of cards and initialize a deck in the jQuery plugin constructor
  • Display the deck of cards on the page in the plugin initialization

Shuffle Deck of Cards

  • Shuffle the deck of cards in the plugin initialization
  • Create a button on the page in the plugin initialization that shuffles the cards when clicked

Deck of Cards Dealer

  • Create a model for a hand of cards and initialize an empty hand in the plugin constructor
  • Deal a hand of X cards to the hand in the plugin initialization
  • Create a button on the page to deal X cards into the hand
  • Discard cards from the hand when clicked (bonus: ask for discarding confirmation)


Andrew Krawchyk is a web developer focusing on user experience, performance, and open web standards. He's Creative Technologist at iStrategyLabs as well as an instructor at General Assembly. 


General Assembly alumni or currently enrolled in a General Assembly course. Open to all alumni but specifically graduates of our FEWD, BEWD, UXDI, & WDI courses.


Do a minimum of 30 minutes of coding per day at least 4 times per week.

Or else, you'll have to own up to your team by sharing an embarrassing photo of yourself to continue.

Get started

Stick to the action plan here with steps to get started and extend the jQuery Card Deck exercise.

Be sure to Make It (or take an Off Day) every day and share your photo or location proofs with your teammates.

Support your team

Support each other by leaving fist-bumps and replies for your teammates as you make progress.

And, be sure to play power, reminder, or quote card to keep the team going!


Feel free to leave any comments with questions, thoughts, etc for your teammates along with way

And, if you haven't already, invite your most supportive friends and peers along for more fun and support!