Connection, Culture, Community

First 21 Days Challenge

Hosted by: TheIdeaHouse 

Welcome to the First 21 Days Challenge! The Challenge runs for 3 weeks and each week we'll explore one of three core themes that lie at the heart of our company:

  • Connection
  • Culture
  • Community

"Make it" in the Challenge by completing any of the listed actions for the week and sharing it with your team on the Challenge app. To stay in the Challenge, do at least three (3) listed actions per week. Feel free to do more!

When you post your "Make" to the Challenge, take a moment to share what impact the action had on you so your teammates can learn alongside you.

Challenge Rewards

The greatest reward you'll receive from completing this Challenge is a deeper understanding of our amazing company.  But that's not all! Some of your "Makes" will also be featured in the upcoming executive fireside chat. 


Week 1: Connection. Here is a list of the actions that count for week 1 of the Challenge. Complete an action and then "Make it" in your MakeMe™ Challenge.
  • Visit the President's blog and share with your Challenge team a key observation or something that may have inspired you;
  • Alumni quick chat - Have coffee, lunch, or a simple quick chat with someone who has been at the company for more than a year;
  • New Friends -- Post a picture of someone new you met today;
  • Complete your Insider user profile on Yammer and begin to connect by joining your very first group;
  • Connect and "check in" with someone from your New Employee Orientation Group.
  • List one interesting thing you have learned about Illumina during your first week.
  • Inspire, Execute, Grow and Collaborate are our leadership pillars and leadership can come from everywhere. Give an example of where you have observed an of these leadership pillars in action.
Week 2: Culture. Here is a list of the actions that count for week 1 of the Challenge. Complete an action and then "Make it" in your Challenge app so you and your team get credit!
  • Define what culture means to you.
  • Post a picture of where you see the value "Innovation is in our DNA" showing up in the workplace.
  • Deep collaboration is a value at Illumina. Post a picture of collaboration happening somewhere on your team.
  • "We move fast and embrace change" is one of our core values. Where have you seen evidence of this in your first few days at Illumina?
  • As you go on adventures with amazing people, expect to have some fun along the way. Post a picture of where you have seen FUN surface in your first weeks at Illumina.
  • Brand and Culture go hand in hand. Visit "Brand Central" and identify 3 resources that you think you will use in the future.
  • "Expect to take the unbeaten path" is on of the pillars of Illumina's culture. Tell us about an unbeaten path you have taken in your new role here at Illumina!
  • In you New Employee Orientation you experienced a day in the life of Illumina and saw first hand what you can "Expect to" experience. One of those "Expect To's" was "BUCKLE UP AND ENJOY THE RIDE!" How has that looked for you thus far?
  • "We always take our work seriously, but we don't have to take ourselves seriously." Take a picture of where you have seen this to be true.
  • What is your favorite thing about Illumina's culture so far?
Week 3: Community. Here is a list of the actions that count for week 1 of the Challenge. Complete an action and then "Make it" in your Challenge app so you and your team get credit!
  • Go into Yammer and join a new group today.
  • Start building your internal network and list at least 3 people who are in that network.
  • Attend an "Eat and Greet".
  • Volunteer in an Illumina sponsored community event in your area.
  • Find a discussion in Yammer that interests you and participate in it.
  • In your New Employee Experience you learned about 4 important conversations to have with your manager (Expectation, Style, Resources, Development). Have you had any of those conversations yet? If yes, which one?
  • Sign up for an Illumina social event!


Once the Challenge starts, follow along this action plan and make it at least 3 times per week.

Can't make it happen? Own Up by posting a selfie with a reflection on what got in your way. 


Support each other by leaving bumps and replies for your teammates as you make progress. 


Feel free to leave comments for your host and teammates in the app with any questions, thoughts, etc.