3-Week Cultivate Challenge

This Challenge runs for 3 weeks and gives you the chance to begin cultivating your professional relationships alongside your teammates and a SkyeTeam coach. By participating, you’ll be putting your learning into practice.

How it works: On at least 3 days each week, complete an action from that week’s suggested activities. See below for weekly activities.

The Challenge starts on Wednesday, September 21st. 

Week 1 - Nurture Your Relationships.

  • Activity 1: Review your list of critical stakeholders and pick one that is in need of care of attention. Schedule time with them. Snap a photo of your meeting or the calendar invitation.

  • Activity 2: If you have an Ally, tell them you are their Ally. Post a selfie of the two of you together if you can or a pic of your message to them.

  • Activity 3: Take someone for coffee and share the Relationship Ecosystem (or one learning you took from the workshop) with them.

  • Activity 4: Identify someone who is an Ally and who you've lost contact with. Reach out to them today. Send a screenshot of the call, text, or post. 

  • Activity 5: Express gratitude. Say thank you to someone and acknowledge their contribution.

  • Activity 6: Meet one new person this week at work. Snap a selfie.

Week 2 - Why Relationships turn sour.

  • Activity 1: Share one behavior or situation that pushes your buttons and results in red behavior. 

  • Activity 2: Apply a green behavior during a tense situation and describe what you did. 

  • Activity 3: Observe somebody who handles these situations or person well. What is it that they do and how can you model that behavior?

  • Activity 4: Where have you missed other’s expectations of you? Take ownership and apologize.

  • Activity 5: Ask one of your critical stakeholders for feedback.

  • Activity 6: Who might consider you a Supporter or a Rival? Do one thing today to change that perception to being their Ally.

WEEK 3 - Cultivate Your ally mindset.

  • Activity 1: Choose someone with whom you have a Rival relationship. Schedule a coffee with them. The agenda is simply to learn more about them. Send a screencap of the calendar invite.

  • Activity 2: Demonstrate Abundance and Generosity: Pay it forward to someone for whom YOU are an Ally. (Ideas: Give them a tool that you know would be welcome. Buy them a book, share an article, offer to take them to lunch.) Post photographic evidence!

  • Activity 3: Demonstrate Courage and Vulnerability: Deliver constructive feedback to a colleague.

  • Activity 4: Demonstrate Action and Accountability: Go over and above to deliver on a commitment.

  • Activity 5: Write a list of how you want others to feel in your presence. Review that list every day this week.

  • Activity 6: Go 1st this week - listen first, acknowledge first, take a break first, apologize first, take ownership first, etc.




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