Just Say No To Added Sugar!

21-Day No Added Sugar Challenge by Riddhi Shah


Join Dr. Riddhi Shah as she leads a challenge for health conscious individuals and organizations who want to gain knowledge of hidden sources of sugar in their diets and eliminate it.

  • Would you like a better understanding of what it means to eat healthy and how various foods affect your body?
  • Have you noticed dramatic changes in your energy level after meals and would like to maintain more of a steady state? 
  • Do you know the 56 different names for sugar and all of the sugary foods that may be hiding in your pantry?


Why Join This Challenge?

  • Realize the addicting nature of sugar and kick the habit
  • Make more educated decisions about the food you consume
  • Maintain a healthy sugar free diet long after the end of the challenge

The obesity epidemic is real - over ⅔ of adults are either overweight or obese. One of the culprits is hidden sugar. The recommended intake of sugar is less than 9 teaspoons for men and less than 6 for women. The average American, however, eats on average 22 teaspoons of sugar. TWENTY TWO. Some of this is due to added sugars in sodas, sweetened beverages and desserts, but there are also hidden sources of sugar. Excess sugar has led to not just to an obesity epidemic, but chronic conditions such a diabetes and even heart disease becoming more widespread and diagnosed at an earlier age. 

Who Should Participate?

  • Individuals who are passionate about good nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle
  • Companies who are passionate about good nutrition and healthy lifestyles for their employees
  • YOU! (especially if you’ve read this far)

About The Host

Riddhi Shah is passionate about healthy eating and healthy living. She is experienced in working as a part of multi-disciplinary teams in academic hospitals to provide patients with the best possible care. Currently, she works as a wound care specialist in nursing homes and is well versed with the care of patients with multiple chronic conditions as well as nutritional optimization for proper wound healing. From July, she will start training as a primary care provider in New England.

Riddhi is a native New Yorker with a Bachelor of Science degree from Brooklyn College and a MD from Ross University School of Medicine.

21-Day No Added Sugar Challenge by Riddhi Shah
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