R3: Reverse Retrain Rebuild your Body, Mind & Marriage

21-Day Body Detox Challenge by Joy Brown (R3 Detox Coach)


Join Joy Brown as she leads this challenge that will give your digestive system a break while focusing on releasing stored fat, reversing illness, retraining taste buds & rebuilding your health, body & sexy thermostat.

  • Do you have cravings for sweets (Cookies, Candies, Chocolate) or salts (Chips, Popcorn, Pretzels)?
  • Do you skip meals or just snack throughout the day?
  • Have you tried every diet under the sun & you still have too much fat on your stomach, thighs & butt?
  • Is your energy low & your mood sporadic?
  • Do you forget things & migraines or brain fog?
  • Are you so used to your stress levels being maxed out that you just learn to tolerate it?"


Why join this challenge?

  • Detox the crap out of all the toxins in your body that's causing stored fat, cravings & lower quality of life.
  • Sculpt your body quickly, safely & effectively
  • Rebalance your PH levels, hormonal levels & blood sugar levels
  • Increase your memory, mental acuity & brain functioning
  • Experience increased energy levels & a desire to direct it (i.e., exercising, accomplishing a life-goal)
  • Step into your TRUE self AKA The Superhero that is aware of their power, uses it wisely & feels on top of the world

The R3 Method helps to Reverse Retrain Rebuild your results in the safest & fastest way possible. That is why thousands have experienced drastic results with this system even after failing at countless other traditional programs.  In addition to the complete mind-body approach everything is considered & in place for a specific reason. For example the game mechanics of the challenge, group support, accountability, meal times & brain system incorporation have all been included to bypass the Ras to get to the conscious & subconscious for lasting results while enjoying the experience. This system is revolutionary & will be the only system you need to experience the rewards for a lifetime.

About The Host

Joy Brown

  • Creator & Developer 
  • R3 Detox Coach
  • R3 Detox Tea
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Sports Nutrition Coach 
  • Author of R3 Diet
  • Transformational Speaker

Learn more about her at R3 Detox Coach.

21-Day Body Detox Challenge by Joy Brown (R3 Detox Coach)
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