Welcome to the 2015 #MakeMeFit Challenge!


Teams will participate in the 21-Day #MakeMeFit Challenge with up to 25 players per team.  

MakeMe will provide a simple signup for each company to enable employees to join the team. Private challenge codes will then be distributed to team members to unlock the challenge and starting make it.


Do a minimum of 30 minutes of fitness activity at least 5 times per week in this 21-day challenge and prove it to your team with a photo or location proof in the MakeMe app for iOS and Android. Players will receive daily videos, tips, etc. with fitness themes from our certified coach Billy Borgia.


The team with the most total points at the end of the challenge wins our awesome challenge tees. And, for a little more awesomeness, based on your team’s performance we’ll donate up to $500 to UNICEF to give life-saving vaccines to children at risk around the world.

Team members earn points by posting in their challenge using the MakeMe app for Android and iOS.  Points are automatically awarded as follows:

Post Type




Point Value


Made It


Players tap the Made It button in the MakeMe app to share that they engaged in at least 30 minutes of fitness activity during the current calendar day.


3 points + 1 point for adding a photo + 1 point for adding a location.


Off Day


Players tap the Off Day button to indicate they took the day off.


1 point + 1 point for adding a photo + 1 point for adding a location.


Rescue Card Play


Players play a Rescue Card on a teammate who has no Off Days left and fails to post their move.


2 points


Forcefield Card  Play


Players lucky enough to be dealt a Forcefield Card may play it to protect their entire team from failing for the day.


2 point for any teammate who is rescued (i.e., has no Off Days left and fails to post their move).



Each day an official Challenge Leaderboard will be shared with all players and company sponsors so teams can track their progress towards Challenge Awards.