Achieving goals and staying committed to doing what it takes is hard.  It's not just motivation that's hard to maintain. Life also just gets in the way.  Kids, jobs, travel, sickness, Netflix ;), or all of the above are just a few of the things that can send us off track for a day or even more. That's why we created MakeMe. Because when there's one place we can go to reconnect with the activities we're committed to and when that place also has awesome people we want to "see", it gets a lot easier to keep our commitments at or near the top of our list.

MakeMe cards are our way of recognizing that while we're all pure awesome, we're also going to fall down sometimes and might need a hand to stay on track. You earn cards whenever you post a Make (your activity for the day) to a MakeMe Challenge.  Once you've earned enough points you can also purchase cards with points from our Card Store.  Below is a list of MakeMe cards and how they work.

The Card List

Rescue Card

The Rescue card enables you to save a teammate who missed one too many moves.  If you don't play a rescue (the app will let you know a friend is in need) then that person will have to do their Challenge Consequence! Each teammate only gets one Rescue card per Challenge so it's one of those "you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours" kinda things.

Forcefield card

Feel like everyone needs the day off? Play a Forcefield card before midnight and you'll be a hero. Keep an eye on how much time each player has left in their day if you have teammates in other timezones.

12-Hour Delay Card

Sometimes all we need is a little more time. Play this card on a teammate who might not make it by midnight and give them 12 more hours in their day.  Who says we can't control time?!

Super nudge card

Want to give a teammate a push notification on their phone with a special sound from the creators of MakeMe? Play this card on them to remind them you haven't forgotten about them.

Extra Reminder card

Similar to the Super Nudge but a little more polite. Sends a timed (you pick the time) reminder directly to your teammates phone.

Make or break Card

This card is not for the feint of heart. Got a teammate who's been no showing? Play this card on them and if they don't post a Make that day they're dropped from the Challenge. Play with caution (friendships have been harmed in the playing of this card).

Quote cards

In addition to all of the powerful cards above MakeMe also has a ton of quote cards and support cards that allow you to wax poetic about the vicissitudes of life or just let a teammate know you think they're awesome. Play these cards to send a shout out or support your teammates.


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